• Are their caves for every apartment? Are their different dimensions?
    Each apartment will be able to purchase a storage room around 6 sqm
  • What about garbage management?
    Handled by a renowned Facility Management Company.
  • Is there Hot water distribution? Or can we place solar system?
    No solar system can be placed.
  • Central AC or splits? What about heaters?
    Depends on which type, but all units have a heating system.
  • The club access is it for public?? Is there a membership for residents or free access for visitors? –
    No access for the public except by invitation from tenants and with limited invitation cards.
  • Can we modify the interior design?
    Minor modifications can be implemented
  • Water issues: Is there a reservoir?
    Sewage treatment system is available. We have planned enough water capacity taking into consideration the pools’ needs.
  • What about a risk of water leak due to the pool on the rooftop?
    There is a technical area space that separates the pool from the apartment.
  • What are the regulations for rooftop pools usage? Are they accessible for visitors? Parties/Gathering, etc
    Regulations will be included in the internal policies manual
  • What kind of relation should be between the property management and the owners committee?
    A relationship based on cooperation and coordination.
  • Is there a general committee for the entire project or will each of the buildings have its own owners’ committee?
    A committee will be elected to coordinate with the tenants for the project management.
  • In case of theft incident in Admir (apartment or parked car), who will be in charge of the investigations? Who is responsible for order and security inside the gated community?
    The investigation will be carried out as usual by the police. Inside the gate community, the Project Management Company’s role is preventive and in case of incident they will be in charge of the follow up.
  • Who will be in charge of the maintenance works on the internal roads and the infrastructure? –
    The Property Management Company will be managing all the maintenance work covered by the yearly maintenance fees paid by the tenants.
  • Is there any speed limitation on the internal roads? Who is in charge of implementing these limitations?
    Speed limit is set within the project and controlled by the Property Management.
  • What are the levels of pollution and unhealthy odors generated by the sewage plant? Do they affect Admir?
    The sewage system is studied based on international norms to minimize any possible pollution or odor.
  • Since Admir is labeled a Gated Community, (features lighting, security cameras/intrusion detection systems) what are the safety measures taken?
    ADMIR is a true gated community equipped with 24/7 guards and security CC TVs across the project, control room and gates at the entrance/exit of the project.
  • What are the levels of noise and pollution generated by the power plant? Do they affect Admir?
    The power plant is built within the utmost level of safety and is soundproof, providing the project with direct power supply
  • Can we install any kind of curtains, rolling shades on the balconies?
    Subject to internal regulations and the decision is up to the Property Management Company.
  • Are the buildings equipped with Lightning Protection system?
    All buildings are equipped with Lightning Protection System
  • Is the gas system installation safe?
    The gas station installation is very safe and certified by the French Code APAVE.
  • Do we have emergency back-up lights in stairs, lifts and parking lots?
    The project is equipped with a private power station for uninterrupted power supply.
  • Lifts: Are they equipped with UPS?
    All elevators are equipped with UPS
  • Satellite TV Distribution
    All connections are secured. Any additional amendments need to abide by the Internal Regulations.
  • Are the pools furnished?
    The pools are fully furnished for you to spend a lovely day with friends and family tanning on a long chair or relaxing under the umbrella.
  • Wi-Fi Internet?
    The project is equipped with fiber optics for owners to enjoy high-speed internet across all areas.
  • Roof level: Are there power sockets on the roof?
    Power sockets are available on the roof.
  • Is the swimming pool covered or heated for winter time?
    Only Block F has covered pools.
  • Are pets allowed in the project?
    Pets are allowed within certain guidelines mentioned in the Project’s internal rules and regulations.
  • Are the Property Rules & Regulations defined?
    Internal Rules and Regulations will be handed over to tenant upon completion.
  • Is there any private closed parking? For sale or rent?
    Each apartment is entitled to 4 private parking spot maximum. Additional parking spaces can be bought. Please contact our property consultant for more details.
  • What about the soundproof level?
    The soundproof level is highly considered at ADMIR. All buildings have a double external wall, and double glazed doors and windows.
  • Are the doors fire rated?
    The doors are of high quality and fireproof.
  • Are there any business centers?
    It is under study, and might be located in the Hub Zone of the project.
  • Are there spaces for children?
    Spaces for children are available in the club area with different activities to enjoy their time.
  • What about green areas? Is there any park?
    The project has green areas between the buildings, on the first basement level.